Workshop Descriptions

How To Supervise Staff in the Residential Program

A 1-day workshop loaded with the "nuts & bolts" that every supervisor needs to know. This workshop was created and is presented by individuals who have really "been there…done that." In their many years of direct service and supervisory positions in human services, they’ve learned a lot. They’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. This one-day workshop is loaded with the essentials of outstanding supervision. You’ll take home a variety of ideas and techniques that you can use immediately. [read more...]

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How to Supervise Staff in the Residential Program

A practical, down-to earth 2-day workshop. In addition to the content of the one-day supervision workshop, this workshop “digs deeper” into the challenges of supervision.  You’ll learn how to get beneath the surface in employment interviews, the most effective recruitment strategies, and how to identify and avoid the most common hiring pitfalls.  You’ll discover how and when to use a variety of supervisory techniques and strategies in handling difficult staff.  Finally, you’ll explore your own supervisory style and sort out what’s working and what’s not. [read more...]

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How to Manage Disruptive Behaviors in the Residential Program: A Basic Behavioral Approach

An Insightful One-Day Workshop. You’ve heard all the fancy psychological terms. You’ve been bored with lectures about complex behavioral theories and principles. Now, at last, you can learn from someone who has had extensive "hands on" experience in working with disruptive behaviors in a residential program. [read more...]

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Going beyond "warm bodies" – How to get the best out of staff who show potential & How to deal with those who don't!

An Intensive One-Day Workshop. As a supervisor in a residential program, you’ve probably seen your share of staff with whom nothing seems to work. Their personnel file is thick with warnings, but they seem to do just enough work to avoid getting fired. Their negative attitude is obvious to everyone, including those you serve. Their discontent is contagious, spreading to other staff. [read more...]

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How to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout in the Residential Program

A Valuable One-Day Workshop. Perhaps you’ve seen it in others. Perhaps you’ve felt it yourself. The daily challenges of working in a residential program become overwhelming and a downward spiral starts. Other staff members are affected. The quality of services suffers. Stress and burnout are taking their toll. [read more...]

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