About Us

The idea for our company really began while I was sitting in a workshop, more than 30 years ago. Working in a residential treatment program, I had finally made the jump from a direct service to a supervisory position. A brochure from one of the national seminar companies had come to my attention and I signed up for a two-day training on supervision.

It turned out to be a frustrating two days. I received lots of valuable information, but I found that I had to translate everything into words that made sense in a residential setting.

And so many of my concerns were different than the other participants. You’ve probably been there… sitting next to employees of Fortune 500 companies who are talking about budget projections while you’re thinking about how to arrange staff coverage for the weekend!

From that frustration came our company and our first workshop, "How to Supervise Staff in the Residential Program.” We’ve added other workshops and consultation services over the years, all having one thing in common: they’re created and presented by people who have had years of hands-on experience working in residential settings.

You’ll find that our training and consulting services provide practical, realistic approaches that you will be able to put to use immediately.

~ Dr. Robert Ireland, President